ShoutWiki is now back up!

Hi all,

ShoutWiki has been in read-only mode for months and many people had ruled us out. There were many rumors going around that we had given up and that ShoutWiki was no more. We can now finally tell you that is not the case! ShoutWiki is back up and running again.

CreateWiki, our wiki creation tool, is now working again and you can now create wikis. CreateWiki has been updated to include the Monaco skin which has now been made into a normal skin and is no longer a premium feature. This means that anyone can set Monaco as your default skin!

Wiki imports will be made as soon as we can if your wiki hasn’t been imported yet. For more information, please read the blog post about wiki reimports. If your wiki has already been imported, you can get back to editing straight away.

If you notice any bugs with ShoutWiki, no matter how minor, or have any improvements for ShoutWiki, feel free to report these on BugZilla, our bug reporting website.

If you have any questions about ShoutWiki, please don’t hesitate to contact us! To do that, you can leave a comment in the comment section of this blog post, post a message on our forum, or e-mail us.

Thank you for your patience during the last few months.
– Solar Dragon
ShoutWiki Customer Support Team

5 thoughts on “ShoutWiki is now back up!”

  1. …Contacting you via e-mail would be more convenient if you actually /read/ your e-mails once in a while…

    1. Hi,
      Who says we don’t read our emails? Of course we do. Older staff may have been a bit less reliable with replying but this shouldn’t be the case any more.

      1. I have had problems in the past, “the past” including last Tuesday. Do you mean to say that you read the e-mails but deliberately leave them unanswered?

        In any case, I had been meaning to ask whatever it was/is possible to reimport a wiki without its founders written approval, as the founder of a particular wiki ( I would really like to see restored to functionality has been absent for some time. I am sure the person in question would request reimportation himself, it is just that he seems to have hit one of his inactive phases.

        1. What email address did you email exactly?

          Also, has been added to the list of wiki reimports so should be done within the next couple of weeks.

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