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Adopt a wiki!

If you edit on a wiki that has no active admins, it can be frustrating when you need to do something on the wiki that requires admin rights. With our new wiki adoption system, you can put in a request to adopt the wiki and become the new steward on the wiki, as long as you meet the criteria for adoption.

The criteria

Wiki criteria

You must be the only active user on the wiki.
If there is more than one active user on the wiki, you must discuss the adoption and who gets user rights with the other user(s) and link to the discussion.

There must have been no active users making edits for the past 30 days.

Note: Spambots and staff deleting spambot edits are exempt from these rules.

User criteria

The adopting user must not have adopted a wiki in the last 30 days.

The adopting user must have made at least 100 constructive mainspace edits.

The adopting user must have shown an obvious interest in the wiki’s topic.

Adopting a wiki

If you are interested in adopting a wiki, you need to fill in the details on our wiki adoption page, filling in all the required details listed on the page.

Even if you and the wiki match the criteria, it does not mean that you will be guaranteed to adopt the wiki. Staff will always have the final say on whether you can adopt the wiki or not.

On behalf of the ShoutWiki team,

Callum Walmsley (Solar Dragon)
Customer Support Team

Fortnightly update – 29 September 2012


This is the fortnightly update, detailing what we’ve done since the last fortnightly update, which was published on 15 September 2012 and what are our plans for the future.

Recent updates

Since our last fortnightly update, four bug tickets were closed.

Two wikis were imported to ShoutWiki:

Cook879 was promoted from intern to a full customer support staff member. Welcome!

What are we currently working on?

We’re planning on releasing a quarterly report, featuring statistics about the past quarter (Q3) on Sunday, 30 September 2012, which is the last day of the third quarter.

Past targets which are yet to be completed are on our roadmap, but in addition to those, we’re planning some cool new stuff, such as:

  • better support for mobile devices
  • the new skin mentioned in our last fornightly update
  • and naturally, some cool new wikis!

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions regarding these features, as well as what we could do to make ShoutWiki even better! If you have a great idea for a feature, a suggestion or just general feedback, let us know — either in the comments section of this blog post or via the contact form.


Please report any and all software bugs you may come across to on our BugZilla to help us in getting them fixed and improving ShoutWiki!

On behalf of the ShoutWiki staff,
– Solar Dragon
ShoutWiki Customer Support Team