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Beta is here!

Hey all! The main page of our site is now open for viewing, check it out on now.

We’re in a limited beta phase right now, meaning that a selected group of users have access to the site for testing purposes. These beta-testers will ensure that everything works properly before we open up the whole site for everyone.

We hope to launch the site in summer 2009 for the rest of the world.

If you would like us to host your wiki or you have some questions about the service, give us a shout at

I hope to see you on the wiki!

Beta Main Page
Beta Main Page


Welcome to the ShoutWiki blog!

ShoutWiki is a free wiki-hosting company currently in development.

Why choose ShoutWiki?

  • Wikis made by you, for you
  • Newest stable version of the MediaWiki software
  • Lots of additional features, such as embedded YouTube videos, calendars and much more!
  • Great customer support by an experienced staff (more detailed information to come!)
  • Many different types of wikis to choose from (including those without ads, for a small fee)
  • Shared login between all wikis (excluding private ones)

When will you open?

We plan to have a beta phase open to users in the near future (sometime in 2009).  Please follow this blog for more information or e-mail us at stating your interest.

Stay tuned!

We plan to post more often and chronicle the evolution of ShoutWiki.