Exclusive New Skin: Aurora

We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of our exclusive new skin, Aurora!


The skin, designed by ShoutWiki’s designer Isarra, has many cool features not present in other skins, including built-in support for popular social networks’ sharing links (allowing you to easily share your content with your friends on your favorite social networks), two sidebars, a built-in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) clock and an extraordinarily large logo space, up to 470×80 pixels — that’s over three times the width of a standard logo in the Monobook skin!

The skin will become the default skin on ShoutWiki Hub, and is available for all ShoutWiki sites — both new and old — to use. If you’d like to use Aurora on your site, contact the Customer Support Team through supportshoutwiki.com

The development team would like to thank Uncyclopedia administrator Bizzeebeever for his invaluable help with implementing the UTC clock feature — kudos!

As always, we’ve done our best to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for you, but there’s always the possibility that the software contains glitches, defects or other such bugs. Please let us know about any issues with the Aurora skin that you may encounter by following our guide on reporting software issues so that we’re able to investigate and fix these issues and to make your ShoutWiki experience even better!

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