New Feature: Global User Pages

We’re excited to announce a brand new ShoutWiki-exclusive feature, global user pages.

Global user pages are exactly what they sound like — user pages which appear across all ShoutWiki sites. This means you can easily maintain one user profile across all ShoutWiki wikis. Of course, you can overwrite your user page on certain sites, but until you, do your default profile will appear globally.

Using global user page is simple: create your user page on ShoutWiki Hub, then go to your global preferences, click the “Use global user page” checkbox and save the changes.

The code is very similar to our recently launched Shared Help Pages feature. Both features were written by Jack Phoenix, and both are based on the HelpPages extension by Kunal Mehta.






2 responses to “New Feature: Global User Pages”

  1. Ed Sargent avatar

    Not sure I got to the correct spot for this.
    I just discovered Shoutwiki, I have 7 years experience with Mediawiki and 4 years with Confluence, so when I discovered I was interested in using Shoutwiki for a new project around Photography. But browsing through you list of public wiki sites nothing seemed to be current, in fact of those 10 I randomly looked at none have been touched in the past year. So I am concerned is this because these public sites inactive because the wiki overwhelms the owners or because they went public.

    1. Lewis Cawte avatar

      Hi Ed,

      Sorry for the delay in reply. The blog isn’t really used regularly so we don’t monitor comments as much as we used to. There are a lot of inactive sites partly because the users that create them forget about them or because they simply create them without thinking about the time commitment required and forget to ask for them to be removed.

      — Lewis Cawte

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