Scheduled server maintenance on August 4th

Hello users.
ShoutWiki will be going offline on August 4th (UTC) for scheduled maintenance.

Why are we doing this?

You may have noticed that ShoutWiki has been fairly slow recently. This is an issue affecting all users and is rather annoying. The maintenance is expected to get the site running significantly faster meaning less loading time and more editing time.

Edit by Lewis Cawte:

In more technical detail, for those who are wondering – our server host will be replacing our HTTPd which renders PHP files and makes them readable to the client (your web browser) thus giving you the output that you read, the ability to edit and so on. We are doing this because as of recent, it has been causing us a lot of problems and has been crashing rather frequently – which caused you to see pages such as “Could not find server at”. This does change will not affect data, as all wiki edits and contents are stored in a MySQL database which is a completely different piece of software.

How long are we offline for?

We will be offline for 24 hours at the maximum. The maintenance might be finished before the 24 hours is over, which will mean ShoutWiki will be up sooner than then. If the maintenance is not complete within 24 hours, it will be stopped and ShoutWiki will be brought back online.

To clear things up, this is not a repeat of our previous downtimes. This downtime is planned, unlike previous downtimes, and is expected to improve ShoutWiki, rather than damage ShoutWiki.

Thank you,
Solar Dragon – ShoutWiki Customer Support

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