Meet the new ShoutWiki staff members!

Earlier in April I promised changes in various areas of the site, including people. Now the time for these changes has come. It is my pleasure to announce the newest additions to the ShoutWiki staff — all of whom have ties to Britain!

Callum Walmsley (Solar Dragon) joins the Customer Support Team with years of wiki experience at Wikisimpsons, the biggest Simpsons wiki on the Internet. He is comfortable with CSS, advanced wikitext tricks and other “power user” tools, such as pywikipediabot and AutoWikiBrowser. Outside ShoutWiki, Callum likes watching NCIS, Stargate and CSI, and listening to rock music.

Lewis Cawte (Lcawte) basically is our new technical team. He is responsible for making sure that things like our bug tracker or this very site — the ShoutWiki blog — are running smoothly, but he is also interested in learning and more and more about the MediaWiki software. In addition to expanding his knowledge about MediaWiki, programming and server administration, Lewis enjoys working code, as well as a wide variety of TV shows from Stargate SG1 to Criminal Minds and NCIS. When he’s not found around the MediaWiki community, he is hiking or camping somewhere in the outdoors of Sussex, UK.

Nicolas M. (Nicmavr) is an avid Halo fan, best known for his work on Halopedia, the Halo wiki. On ShoutWiki, Nic will provide general support as a member of the Customer Support Team. He is also interested in aviation.

Each staff member has a e-mail account, the username being their wiki username (so for example, Solar Dragon’s email account is solardragon), if you need to contact them privately.

Let’s give them a warm welcome!

On behalf of the ShoutWiki staff,
Jack Phoenix
Head of the Customer Support Team

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