Server troubles

ShoutWiki would like to apologize to all of our users, readers and editors for the problems we’ve been having the past few weeks. We deeply regret any inconvenience that was caused by the problems we had with our server. Below you’ll find a short summary of what happened and what we are doing to prevent this from happening in the future.

The server problems occurred at the worst possible time, when the staff member who provides the server for us was on vacation. Since he is the only person who has physical access to the server we were unable to determine what the problem was and more importantly, we could not fix the problem. We attempted to get the site and IRC server back online remotely, and were successful, for a while. Eventually the problem occurred again and the server went down again. Without physical access to the server we were unable to get it back, until now.

We have always planned to expand and get another server that would serve as a backup in a situation such as this. However, due to various reasons we have not been able to make this a reality yet. We will now look into accelerating those plans as soon as possible. Thank you for using ShoutWiki!

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    1. Honestly, this is not that much about staff capacity but rather the limited resources of our webserver, which was never meant to handle that much traffic. We’re working on this, however, so that we can accommodate whomever wants to move in.

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