Welcome to the ShoutWiki blog!

ShoutWiki is a free wiki-hosting company currently in development.

Why choose ShoutWiki?

  • Wikis made by you, for you
  • Newest stable version of the MediaWiki software
  • Lots of additional features, such as embedded YouTube videos, calendars and much more!
  • Great customer support by an experienced staff (more detailed information to come!)
  • Many different types of wikis to choose from (including those without ads, for a small fee)
  • Shared login between all wikis (excluding private ones)

When will you open?

We plan to have a beta phase open to users in the near future (sometime in 2009).  Please follow this blog for more information or e-mail us at stating your interest.

Stay tuned!

We plan to post more often and chronicle the evolution of ShoutWiki.