Code Duplication Reduction

This week, our team has continued to work towards the 1.27.0 upgrade while providing our users with quick and useful support.

We’ve identified a number of additional bugs this week that have to be fixed, and in some cases have started working towards a solution.

The main technical highlight of the week has been some initial ground work being laid on T98 – Write a ShoutWiki library. This project will allow our team to continue to maintain our custom tools and extensions, specifically made for our wiki farm setup by reducing code duplication in various simple but essential pieces of code. This in turn, makes it easier to update these tools to allow us to focus on adding additional features and providing great user support.

I am personally very happy with the place ShoutWiki has been in the last week. We’ve had some of the best staff-user engagement we’ve seen in a long time, while making some great progress on some of our technical projects.

There will be no update next week – the majority of the team will be taking some much due holiday, however we will be answering essential queries through our support ticketing system and keeping the ship afloat. We expect to see you again in two Sundays time!





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