Migration over – what’s next?

Hello again.

Just a quick update for all you faithful readers. The server upgrade is now over, after a successful all-day operation. In the final stage we stumbled upon a few bugs we didn’t anticipate, but soon after all problems were resolved. Should you discover any more problems (e.g. things that stopped working after Friday), don’t hesitate to report them either through [[Special:Contact]] on your wiki, or using our Bugzilla.

Our first impression (and hopefully yours as well) is that the new server works much faster than the previous one and should be able to accommodate all the new wikis that are waiting in queue. Speaking of which, we’d like to update you on our plans for the immediate future:

  • Operationally, wiki imports from Wikia will resume, most likely next week, roughly in order in which the requests were reported.
  • Development will now focus on issues related to upgrading our software to MediaWiki 1.16, which something a lot of our users anticipate.
  • On the way, as time permits we would like to work on enabling new features that were requested, such as the OggHandler and SemanticMediaWiki extensions.

That’s it for today – stay tuned for more updates.

Misza, Chief Technical Officer

6 thoughts on “Migration over – what’s next?”

  1. @Basil: The Nimbus skin is one of the many premium features we’ve been working on. It will be available upon payment (that is, when we’ve finalized all the details on premium features and published them).

  2. Another question then, if it’s not too much trouble. I’ve noticed there’s a side div for factoids and such on the Nimbus skin. One of my major issues is implementing the correct features to be available for all users to see… and not just on the main page. Is there any chance you’ll bring over the mediawiki widget extension or any other extension that’ll allow us to have widgets in that sidebar area/on our wiki? And if that’s out of the question, how would I go about licensing/being able to use the Nimbus skin on my own hosting? I’ve been looking for something like this for awhile, and I really like the place so far, but the extension collection compared to wikia is a bit… small at times.

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