Summer update

Hi all,

it’s been a busy summer here at ShoutWiki, and I’d like to tell you a bit about all the cool stuff we’ve developed during summer 2009!

  • SharedNewtalk — cross-wiki notifications of new messages on your personal talk pages. For example, when user A leaves a message on your talk page on wiki B and user C leaves a message on your talk page on wiki D, you will be notified about all of these messages the next time you log in to ShoutWiki. Cool or what?
  • Commenting and Voting — social commenting and voting is available on request, also for wikis that do not use the social tools package.
  • New skins — we’ve developed a bunch of new premium skins! Stay tuned for more…
  • Special:Interwiki — want to know what interwiki prefixes are available on your wiki? Or interlanguage prefixes? We thought so and decided to improve the existing Special:Interwiki extension in order to make your life a bit easier.
  • New languages — ShoutWiki supports lolcat and Pig Latin variants of English language. Have you ever seen a wiki with lolcat or Pig Latin as the default? I bet you haven’t, because these language variants are unique to ShoutWiki.

I would also like to thank our hard-working beta testers and staff members for all the work they’ve done during the summer. Without you, we wouldn’t be here now.

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