Author: Lewis Cawte

  • #MissingType and Mistakes

    #MissingType and Mistakes

    This week’s update focuses on the rather noticeable unsuccessful MediaWiki 1.27.0 which we’ve previously talked about here on the blog, and the important #MissingType campaign. For a summary of what happened, we’ve embedded a copy of our Facebook apology. We’ve learnt from the mistakes from this episode and we have been working on adding in […]

  • Code Duplication Reduction

    Code Duplication Reduction

    This week, our team has continued to work towards the 1.27.0 upgrade while providing our users with quick and useful support. We’ve identified a number of additional bugs this week that have to be fixed, and in some cases have started working towards a solution. The main technical highlight of the week has been some initial ground […]