New updates to the Theme extension

We’re proud to bring you a very cool new feature: themes! To be specific, per-user themes — that’s right, you can now set a theme that applies only to your user account!

Wait what? Themes?

A theme is a set of predefined colors and other such styles for a skin. In essence, a theme can be as simple as one CSS file.

Skins on the other hand always have some PHP code and whatnot, in addition to CSS/LESS and/or images and/or JavaScript code.

This distinction is important in the MediaWiki world. Other projects written in the PHP programming language, such as phpBB or WordPress, use terms like “templates”, “themes” and “skins” interchangeably to refer to various ways to change the look & feel of a website, but those words are not interchangeable in the MediaWiki world!

This seems awfully familiar…

Themes have been around on ShoutWiki for a long time — since Q2 2009 to be precise. However, before you were only able to select a theme when creating a new wiki, and there was no way to select your personal favorite theme (e.g. Pink MonoBook or Dark Vector). This has been fixed now and you can easily set your personal theme by going into Special:Preferences to set it for the current wiki.

What themes are available?

Not all skins support themes, and not all themes are available for all skins. Currently the following skins support themes:

  • Bouquet
  • Dusk
  • Gamepress
  • Monaco
  • MonoBook
  • Vector

The following themes are available for those skins, broken down per skin:

What’s the benefit?

Adding a new skin to ShoutWiki takes time, as often there’s a lot of code to review and to ensure that the new skin does not have any security issues. Themes can be added easily since themes are just CSS/LESS files added on top of a skin which has already passed code review.

Do you have an idea for a good theme? Let us know by emailing us at or if you’re a developer, feel free to submit a patch (see below for more info on where to obtain the source code, etc.)!

Who wrote this?

The Theme extension was originally written by Skizzerz; the theme CSS files and images are by various different authors. This update to the extension was written by Jack Phoenix with lots of helpful input and testing by SamanthaNguyen. We would also like to thank Wikimedia Foundation’s MediaWiki core developers for their help with this update.

I want to see the source code!

Like many other extensions written by ShoutWiki, the Theme extension is also free and open source (in fact, the PHP parts have been released to the public domain by their authors; the license for CSS and images varies). Head over to the extension’s information page on to find out more, including where you can grab a copy of the source code of the Theme extension.

I’ve found a bug, an error or some other oddity which shouldn’t be there. What do I do?

Please let us know by reporting this error on Phabricator, our bug tracking platform. To do that, log in to Phabricator with your ShoutWiki account by choosing “Login or Register — MediaWiki” on the login page.

If you don’t have a ShoutWiki account yet, create one now! It’s fast, easy and free!

Customer Support General

Spring Cleaning: The Staff List

As summer is very quickly approaching, we figured we’d squeeze in one last bit of spring cleaning.

Our staff list is a bit overdue on a clean. We’ve been a bit slow to remove those of our team that have decided to move on from ShoutWiki, for various reasons.

“Out with the old…”

We’ve said goodbye to Lynton, Solar Dragon, Pinky and Jedimca0 all of whom gave up ShoutWiki due to other personal commitments a number of years ago.

Unfortunately, Richard Cook (Cook879) has chosen to resign due for personal reasons. Richard has been our face to the community for a long time and his presence will be hugely missed by everyone. You may have noticed Richard reduce his activity in February, and has been working with us to handover since then. Today we finalised the last of this, and we’re announcing this change.

We would like to thank all of these amazing individuals for the time and effort they have put into ShoutWiki.

“In with the new.”

We’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our team – Samantha Nguyen. Samantha will be filling a small part of the hole left by Richard. You’ll primarily see Samantha answering tickets and dealing with spam as part of our Community Support team, however you may also notice her on Phabricator dealing with design and user interface issues, or editing on Brickipedia.

Samantha is based in the US and helps us respond in more timezones.


Please hang with us as we get Samantha up to speed with the huge challenge that is supporting our amazing communities.